White Pocket supports the charity association “Beautiful Angels”, which renovates rooms for children from the poorest families.

Each child deserves love, acceptance and a decent place to live. Unfortunately, there are many children living in very bad conditions that prevent them from harmonious development, negatively affect their self-esteem, sometimes cause shame and even mockery of their peers. Unfortunate children learn less, sometimes behave inappropriately, trying to mask their weakness and helplessness.

Improvement of housing conditions can help a lot, often changing the lives of children.

In cooperation with relevant social welfare centers, Beautiful Angels design, renovate and arrange rooms for children. Families and carers are involved in the whole process, according to the possibilities and skills. The voice of children is decisive in the design phase.

For more information, visit the Association’s website at www.piekne-anioly.org

We donate 1% of the sale of each product to the Association.

By choosing our products, you help us achieve this goal. Together, we can help improve the lives of those children who have a harder start in life than others. We also encourage direct financial assistance for the Association.

Help us help others!

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