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Blankets from White pocket

Our blankets were made to meet the expectations of even the most selective customers. Layer over your bed or sofa for a textured finish and extra warmth on colder nights. This knitted blanket will blend in seamlessly with any interior style. It is a natural and beautiful product that will last for years.

Merino wool blankets

Update existing furniture by draping a throw blanket across the center of sofas, and finish the look with coordinating throw pillows. By choosing our merino wool blanket you also get a product which in a few seconds, can change into your warm and cozy blanket and not only a decoration.

We used merino wool and a little bit of cashmere, what make really comfortable and warm combination. When we chose the colors – universal like gray and brown, we have achieved a perfect product which fits for every interior. Snug-looking fringe designs make our throw blankets even more unique.